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Unix is a mature, reliable, flexible, and highly-scalable processing environment which is ideally suited for many high-end business computing tasks.  In addition to being the overwhelmingly popular choice for all types of internet servers, it is also well-suited to meet internal business needs such as file and print serving, network security and traffic shaping, database storage, and data processing.

The initial cost risk is eliminated because all flavours of BSD Unix are free for all uses (including commercial), as is also the case with most distributions of Linux.

Why do companies choose NetBSD (or another Unix or Linux)?

Although companies have a wide range of requirements, there are some fundamental needs that occur naturally.  Some of those needs include:

NetBSD provides all of these features, and more, with the help of "pkgsrc."  The "pkgsrc" system is a collection of source code for well-known, free, open-source software that was customized to be compiled easily and to function optimally.

The open-source communities centred around NetBSD are welcoming, helpful, and easy to communicate with.  One of the key philosophies, for NetBSD in particular, is to support as many hardware architectures as possible.

Why did we choose NetBSD?

[Corporate Logo] In the 21st century, Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc., needed Unix-like Operating Environments to support industry standard protocols and applications, which were all designed with Unix in mind.  Many of the efficient software tools available were also designed specifically (and only) for Unix.  The benefits of using Unix to run these applications optimally far outweighed the cost of finding alternatives or "porting" the needed applications to other platforms.

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