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Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc. specializes in installing and maintaining Novell NetWare networks for enterprises.  We also have extensive experience supporting Microsoft's Windows (all OS versions and networking), MS-DOS, and some MacOS support (mostly with integration into Novell networks).  Please contact us for more details or to set up a service contract.

Why do companies choose Novell?

Companies that standardize on a Novell network benefit from a lower Total Cost of Ownership ("TCO") in the long run due to lower network administration and support costs.

The NetWare platform has the ability to provide a stable, secure, and high performance solution, while seamlessly integrating all major platforms, including Windows, MacIntosh, Unix, Mainframes, the Internet, and Java.


Why did we choose Novell?

[Corporate Logo] Since the early 1990s Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc., we used Novell products almost exclusively to manage and host internet services, and to share information throughout the company and communicate with certain vendors.  Follow this link to find out why...

Contact us for more details.