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Presentation is paramount on the internet, it keeps your potential customers interested.  Documentation can be enhanced with informative diagrams and eye-catching images.


A forest in British Columbia, Canada

[Deep woods - Original]
These images demonstrate the before and after results of how a photograph of the great outdoors can be enhanced for the internet.  The photograph was scanned, the colors were enhanced, the size was reduced, and edges were added to give it a three-dimensional appearance.
[Deep woods - Enhanced]


The Seniors' Lottery Touring Express bus

[Bus - Original] This is the Seniors' Lottery Touring Express bus.  The original image you see here came from a photograph.  The original background (cracked asphalt parking area, bushes, greyish-blue sky), plus the open passenger door and air vents on the roof were all digitally removed.  [Bus - Enhanced] Other basic enhancements included making the colors brighter, and the shadow darker, along with general image sharpening.

The final image on the right includes a computer generated sky, and a road that was originally drawn with horizontal lines which were rotated and stretched at one end.  The license plates were then removed, and the lights and wheel rims were brightened and blurred to add the appearance of illumination and motion.  Using the driver side corner of the bus as a central point to work from, the passenger side was reduced slightly, and the back of the bus was reduced by approximately half.  Compared to the original image, the bus now appears to be in motion.

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