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  [Plan on paper]

The following steps provide an overview of the work involved in building and maintaining effective web sites.

Successful web sites, like successful businesses, require detailed planning.  Establishing the purpose, outlining goals and projections, identifying customers, and many other aspects are all important parts of the planning process.

Logically structured web sites help customers easily find the information they are looking for.  Minimizing the number of steps required to access information keeps your customers satisfied.

Represent your company with something your customers recognize, such as corporate logos, business card colors, company mascots, and snapshots of products.  Considering more than one layout may also be helpful.

Building one or more prototypes of the web site allows for some early testing to verify the accuracy of the plan.  Depending on the results, some reorganization or an entirely different presentation may be required.

[5]Going public
We build your web site, build server-based applications, implement databases, perform extensive testing, and connect your site to the internet.  We also provide documentation, and send detailed visitor statistics if required.

[6]The full circle
Since every industry is contiuously changing, a business plan is never 100% finished.  Your web site, and its plan, should also be kept up to date.  We recommend you review your web site plan whenever you review your business plan.

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