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This overview of our basic Internet Site Hosting services (which we have been providing and supporting since the early- to mid-1990s) should serve as a general starting point for hosting your web site.  Since requirements vary with each project, customization may be required.  A commercial hosting package typically starts at CAD$840.00 per year (please contact us for pricing information because your needs are probably unique).

Note:  The following information can change without notice.

Disk space allocation: 10 Gigabytes (10,737,418,240 bytes)
Unlimited documents/directories
Electronic mail (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, WebMail): 25 addresses (plus aliases)
Intelligent forwarding options
Automatic pre-scheduled eMail response options ("out of office" notices)
Automated mailing lists (confirmed opt-in)
Spam blocking (using supervised AI, blacklists, whitelists, etc.)
Spam filtering
Domain name: No annual DNS management fees when hosting with us
One-time setup fee for each domain name
Registration (includes InterNIC and other fees)
Internet Protocol: Static and dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
Web server (HTTP): Dynamic/immediate web page updates
Customizable error pages
Password protection (optional)
Online monthly usage reports (optional)
Network News server (NNTP): Dynamic creation/deletion of private Usenet newsgroups
Password protected
Secure FTP access (as needed): Full (read/write) access to web site documents
Read-only access to raw log files
Full (read/write) access to raw eMail messages
Other special features included: Web-based forms can be sent directly to your eMail
Support by telephone and eMail
Knowledgable support staff

Does your company host the corporate web site using an existing internet connection?

Contact us to find out how you can reduce overhead by hosting your site with us instead.

Contact us for pricing and estimates.  If you don't have a web site yet, or need a new one, or move an existing site, we can help - for new web sites see our web site planning overview to find out how easy it is, or contact us.

Full backups are performed regularly, as a part of our disaster recovery precautions.  Data is stored off site and checked regularly as a protective measure against natural disasters and other unexpected destructive events.

[Debian Linux] Our Debian (Linux) systems, which consistently provide first-class boringly-reliable high-performance efficiency, route through redundant high-speed internet backbones, that ensure your web site is fast even during peak times.

Our up-to-date equipment includes more system resources than are required because your data, and its high-performance delivery, is important to us.  The success of your business depends on reliable systems that are optimized to handle heavy loads, which is why we rely on secure, reliable, efficient, high-quality solutions on Debian Linux:

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