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Email is an integral part of communicating professionally with others (including automated systems, etc.).  Our experience with Electronic Mail dates back to the 1980s before SMTP became the defacto standard for sending and receiving eMail (BBS, MHS, UUCP, USENET, proprietary systems, etc.), which makes our services ideally suited for organizations, government agencies, ISPs, resellers, and individuals.

We would be delighted to simplify complexity for your organization by upgrading your existing eMail systems, or get you and all your staff fully-operational if starting anew.

Executive overview:

Our services are utilized by many professionals and professional firms providing goods-and-services to a wide variety of industries, including education, health care, scientific research, engineering, automotive, retail, law corporations, hotels, catering, artists, web site designers, various niche industries, etc.

In addition to the following services that are well-utilized by organizations and individuals alike, we can facilitate a wide variety of customizations.

Standard internet protocols are plentiful, and serve as key components of consistent inter-operability and reliable deliverability:

Note:  Additional options and services are available.  If you need something specific or have any questions about Inter-Corporate Email Services, please feel free to ask us about it.

Internet Service Providers, Governments, and Businesses:  Contact us anytime to find out how to reduce your operational resources by utilizing Inter-Corporate EMail services, which will leave your staff with more time to focus on your organization's objectives.

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