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As organizations grow, information technology solutions often need to be adapted or upgraded.  Disconnected or inflexible computer and network systems can create unnecessary staff workloads, reduce overall efficiency, and increase operational costs unexpectedly, particularly during times of growth.

With our experience and expertise, and the necessary insight into the needs and operational flows of your organization, Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc. can provide one or more solutions that are tailored to your needs, with flexible options to integrate at a pace that best accomodates your scheduling requirements and works within your budgets.

The following is a partial list of industries that we're familiar with and which are also applicable to local and multi-national small and mid-size business environments:

  • Internet Web Site Design, eMail, and Hosting
  • Legal and Paralegal
  • Manufacturing and Consumer Products
  • Media and Entertainment
  • National Security and Defense
  • Policing, Investigations, and Covert Operations
  • Privacy Protection and Data Encryption
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Point of Sale Systems
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse and Order Fulfillment

Please contact us, even if your sector isn't listed above, to discuss expectations and requirements, and to arrange scheduling.