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Organizations which have already maximized the potential benefit from their legacy systems for as long as possible eventually reach an impasse where modernization becomes a requirement.  Although keeping legacy systems can have benefits such as a proven track record of consistency and reliability, and familiarity for staff, keeping these applications running properly can also become more time-consuming, resource-intensive, and costly as the availability of previous models of hardware and skillsets in a younger workforce gradually diminishes.

Modernization services provided by Inter-Corporate can help your organization with the development and implementation of a transitional plan that includes:

  • assessing the flow of information, associated operational costs, and end-user needs and expectations
  • finding existing and/or creating new alternative solutions based on current-generation technologies
  • consulting with the relevant members of your staff to optimize usability, and ensuring that interfaces are effective and intuitive
  • migration and conversion of data to the modern system, and comprehensive verification of complete and accurate functionality and reporting
  • commencing preventive maintenance programmes, end-user support policies, and applicable long-term update schedules

Understanding the integrative nature of the legacy applications and how they interact with other systems, the applicability of relevant industry and government regulations, and being informed in long-term marketing and environmental requirements, may also qualify as additional significant aspects of the modernization process that need to be considered very carefully, especially because your business depends on it.

To ensure an optimal implementation can be achieved, we will also need to assess your information technology systems with regard to infrastructure, certain business policies, the applications you use, and the design and philosophy of local and networked data storage.  With complete information we can develop rational solutions that simplify the complexity of your system while also improving long-term operational costs.

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