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Although there are many different expectations of what cloud computing provides, generally "cloud computing" refers to a group of inter-connected computers that provide a variety of resources to end-users at remote locations, typically through an encrypted session over the internet.

Cloud computing services can be outsourced internationally or hosted in-house over multiple locations within the same country.  The advantages of hosting your own cloud computing environment in-house, as many organizations prefer because having physical control over their information is often a non-negotiable requirement, are that you eliminate certain control-based risks, such as outsourcing to an unknown fourth-party who may be operating in a country with different privacy legislation, employment standards, ethical requirements, etc., all of which may indirectly put access to your information at risk.

Inter-Corporate can help you with setting up a variety of cloud computing services ranging from outsourcing to a third-party provider to designing and implementing your own cloud that meets your specific requirements and provides customized services that you need, hosted and maintained at our site or yours.

Simplifying the complexity of a high-availability cloud computing environment is one of our specialities.

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