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[Vertical logo] The following is a small sample of some of the testimonials we've received, primarily from clients (republished with their permission), that reflect on the quality of service that we provide.


"... thank you for your continued support and great help throughout 2013.  I really admire your professional skills and passion for work, you are the best IT service guy I have ever met."
-- Will Wang, Guo Law Corporation, December 2013

"To protect my sensitive data, Randolf Richardson from Inter-Corporate encrypted my laptop.  TrueCrypt was easy to use and the high encryptions stopped the PI who had my stolen laptop cold in his tracks - it was hilarious!  Thank you Mr. Randolf for recommending backup and hard passwords, and for your fast and helpful round-the-clock support."
-- Amin Amlani, General Manager of Delta Sunshine Taxi and Tsawwassen Taxi Ltd., September 2007

"I was working late preparing for an important trial for the following morning, and my computer crashed at midnight with blue screens.  Randolf [from Inter-Corporate] came to my office, sent me home to sleep for a few hours, and had me working again by 3:30 a.m.  Thank you for the fast service (and my short nap) that made all the difference, I was properly preparared and my clients eventually won their case."
-- C. Grant Edwards (independent litigation lawyer), August 2002
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