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Our specialists, like our executive team, posess a strong diversity of skills, in-depth technical knowledge, and practical experience.  This breadth of knowledge is essential to "simplying complexity" in your organization, and ensuring that technology works for you the way you need it to.


Paul Cheung, NAT
Surveillance, theatre technology, and network infrastructure
Paul's comprehensive experience includes a range of customizing, designing, and installing computer network/data/voice infrastructure, and implementing professional-grade video surveillance and multimedia presentation solutions that are reliable and easy-to-use.  His specialties also include video surveillance deployment and monitoring, corporate/home theatre and board room integration, and fully-functional multimedia presentation systems design and installation.

Accomplishments:   Specialties:
  • CompTIA Network+ and A+ certification (2004)
  • Certified Network Administrator (2007)
  • CCTV Certification (2010)
  • Deployed ethernet cable runs for small business infrastructures
  • Deployed fully managed CCTV and IP surveillance systems for small businesses and management properties
  • Provided customer Audio/Video builds in small business and residential environments
  • Network/data/voice infrastructure and in-wall cabling
  • Wireless solutions
  • Integrated video surveillance and monitoring
  • Video conferencing and board room integration
  • Corporate and home theatre solutions
  • Video surveillance systems design and implementation


Amir Shahab, CNA, MCSE
Windows networking, Microsoft Exchange, overhead projection
Amir's expertise in supporting Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange comes from having decades of experience in a variety of business environments.  His specialties also include overhead projection and professional presentation systems, audio and video technologies in both commercial and residential applications, and various aspects of network infrastructure installation and maintenance.

Accomplishments:   Specialties:
  • Certified NetWare Administrator (CNA) designation (early-to-mid 1990s)
  • Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE) designation (early-to-mid 2000s)
  • Architected, deployed, maintained, and administered a hybrid 30-node network with Windows and Unix fail-over server technologies at an major accounting firm
  • Successfully upgraded network and telephony infrastructures at various professional firms and educactional institutions
  • Windows Server (particularly NT, 2003, and 2008)
  • Windows Desktop (all versions from 1995 to present)
  • Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory
  • Novell NetWare 3.x
  • Network/data/voice infrastructure and in-wall cabling
  • Wireless solutions
  • Video presentation and board room theatre integration


David Stephenson, B.Math, B.A.
Business analysis, software design and development, mainframes, training, and report writing
David's knowledge encompasses business analysis, system design, software development, testing, and implementation planning in business and government environments.  Complemented by decades of experience with mainframes, and modernizing and transitioning complex systems to newer technologies, David's specialties also include business insight, requirements gathering, report writing, data conversions, systems documentation, end-user software training, and general on-site technical support.

Accomplishments:   Specialties:
  • Successfully designed multiple enhancements to large financial systems, and re-engineered and automated business processes, and implementing controls to detect and mitigate fraud
  • Led initiatives to improve antiquated financial systems, which included identifying key issues, followed by planning and implementing solutions
  • Managed technical support personnel in a complex environment, provided direction, assigned tasks, and ensured that existing systems were maintained to a high standard
  • Provided years of training, technical, and business support for a variety of applications and platforms; explored, identified, and promoted solutions on demand for high-priority operational problems
  • Successfully decommissioned fifty legacy systems being replaced by a modern distributed enterprise application, as the final part of a large transformation project that requires numerous resources with different specialties and cross-departmental co-ordination
  • Java, COBOL, Fortran, VisualBASIC, Microsoft.Net, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • SQL server technologies (IBM/DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft)
  • Requirements gathering and business application design
  • Microsoft Office products
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Crystal Reports
  • Vax (various models)
  • IBM AS/400 and zSeries mainframes
  • Decommissioning mainframe systems
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