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The information on this page is provided here for historical purposes.  Any corrections to broken links will eventually be to an archived copy of the pages (please contact us if a link you're interested in is broken).

[Y2k] Are your systems ready for January 1st, 2000?  Contact us for more details.

[2000 (vertical)] General information
    Year 2000 Frequently Asked Questions
    Embedded Systems and the millennium problem
    2k-Times, an online newspaper
    U.S. Army - Year 2000 Technical Resource Center
    FCC - Year 2000 Homepage
    The SEC and the Year 2000

Starting points
    The Year 2000 issue
    The Crouch Echlin effect, detailed
    Year 2000 Safe Questions
    Embedded Systems:  Dates potentially causing difficulty
    Conformity Requirements
    Strategies for Project Managers
    Year 2000 Solution for the AS/400

Tax Relief for Year 2000 compliance
    Canadian Government Provides Tax Relief to Small Businesses

Software / Utilities for Year 2000 compliance testing
    The free "Information Ferret" identifies your Year 2000 exposure
    NSTL's YMark 2000 utility
    McAfee's Year 2000 toolbox

Year 2000 web pages from the computer industry
    Novell: Year 2000 Readiness
    Sun Microsystems
    Compaq Computer Corporation
    Oracle Corporation
    IBM (International Business Machines)

Examples / Miscellaneous
    Insurance: A risky business
    Humour: December 31st, 1999
    Humour: Y2k programmers
    Humour: Star Wars and Y2k
    Humour: Coffee makers and Y2k

Technical references
    Y2K testing - Where to start
    Changing Network Time for Year 2000 Scenarios
    Time is not synchronized to the network
    Year 2000 testing in production environments
    DOS Date and Time doesn't recognize year 2000
    Y2K tools of Z.E.N.Works
    ARCserve setting file creation dates to 2008

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