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NOTE:  This product is experimental.  You are welcome to use it, but please understand that it has not been fully tested.

TreeCopy is a structured file copy automation tool that is currently being developed.  Its functionality includes copying data from one or more sources to one or more targets, providing detailed log files, staging and retiring old data on the targets, and sending log reports via eMail.  One particular feature is a target search in DOS/Windows environments where drive letters for targets are occasionally re-assigned dynamically (and unpredictably).

Download:  TreeCopy.jar (v1.02)
Requires:  Java 8
Documentaion:  Contact us for support with this utility.

Sample files

Configuration:  treecopy.conf
Batch file:  treecopy.bat

Previous versions

Download:  TreeCopy.jar (v1.01)
WARNING:  Do not use this version because it fails in certain rare error conditions (this problem is fixed in v1.02).

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