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[Zzz..] Sleep for a specified number of seconds

SLEEP.NLM is a module that stops System Console commands for a specified number of seconds.

This utility, which was written purely in assembly, is freeware.  Copy it, distribute it, and use it as you see fit, as long as you don't modify it in any way.  You assume all risk and liability for the use of this module by using it.

Current version:  SLEEP.NLM v1.00a

The major version is increased when new features are added.  Minor versions are increased when new features are enhanced or largely significant bugs are fixed.  The letter at the end of the version number is increased when minor changes are made to the code or low-impact bugs are fixed.

Novell checksum:  C0BD 6BEE E904 E7F1 29B9 8875

To ensure the file isn't damaged, type NDIR SLEEP.NLM /VER at the DOS prompt to calculate the Novell checksum.

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