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Electronic Mail Configuration

Your eMail address:

To login to webmail, please use the login page at

Mail server settings

Most configurations will use IMAP4 (for receiving messages) and SMTP (for sending).  IMAP4 supports folders and synchronization with other eMail programs using IMAP4, including webmail (which uses IMAP4 behind-the-scenes).  POP3 is an older protocol that is included here for special-use cases.

IMAP4 server (receiving; protocol supports folders and synchronization)
Login name:full eMail address
Port:993 (fully encrypted; select SSL or SSL/TLS)
Port:143 (mostly encrypted; select STARTTLS)

SMTP server (sending)
Login name:full eMail address
Port:465 (fully encrypted; select SSL or SSL/TLS)
Port:587 (mostly encrypted; select TLS or STARTTLS)

If you're using using software that requires a POP3 configuration because it doesn't support the newer protocol, or is an automated system for which POP3 is a "spcial use case," then you will need to use these settings...

POP3 server (receiving; older protocol)
Login name:full eMail address
Port:995 (fully encrypted; select SSL or SSL/TLS)
Port:110 (mostly encrypted; select STARTTLS)

Note:  To utilize modern encryption, select the SSL, SSL/TLS, or STARTTLS options on all servers (IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP).  Using encryption helps to prevent unauthorized third parties from observing or intercepting your messages.

Note:  The STARTTLS option is not initially encrypted -- these sessions begin without encryption, which means some identifying information is exposed (by the initial HELO or EHLO command), and then the STARTTLS command is issued by your eMail software to upgrade the connection before your login name and password are transmitted.  Some older software that doesn't properly support the fully encrypted SSL/TLS options need to use this STARTTLS option instead.

For eMail services and support, please contact us.

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