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What happened to Data Fortress?

We used to use Data Fortress Technologies for our co-location services until they went out of business in the year 2009.  Just before this happened, most clients transferred to AEBC Internet who have consistently been providing better service (with IPv4 and IPv6 support) in a better facility at the same cost.  The owners of AEBC are knowledgeable about the technology (which seems to be rare in the co-location industry), and they combine their skills well with business.

The service we've been getting from AEBC since we transitioned to them has been far better than we expected.  We also particularly like that the facility is highly secure and very cold (computers last longer in colder environments), and so far we have not experienced any significant downtime since moving to AEBC in 2009.  We recommend them highly for their professional, fast, and relaible service.

As we ended up owning the internet domain name DATA-FORTRESS.COM, we continue to occasionally recieve queries about the Data Fortress co-location/data centre services, and so we have been highly recommending that people contact AEBC at or call them directly at 604.288.1088.

Sincerely, and very truly yours,
Randolf Richardson, CEO of Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
November 16, 2012

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